Bedtime Stories

As a working mama-to-be, I ordered this book in 2003 to read to my first baby. It became a part of our nightly ritual for years. I recorded myself reading it for my oldest to watch whenever I was away. Martin read it to her, too. We all had it memorized. And then I “counted the cars…” and pointed out stars to the Middles as they grew.

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Hugging It Out

Hugs and daughters: two of my most favorite things.

As I walked out of the commissary with my lunch today, I saw a lady rushing toward me with a huge smile on her face, but then she slowed, and with an apologetic grin, she reached out for my arm.

She goes, “Oh, my goodness, I have to tell you, you look JUST LIKE my daughter, and for a split second, I thought maybe she made it here after all. I was just about to tackle you with a hug!”

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Cake Request

“Can you make an American-style cake, but not from a box, and without all that heavy, sugary frosting like at the commissary?” 

I can try! 

My first attempt at a homemade “naked” chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting. I don’t know … would you eat it? 

Lola: “If you put some branches on it, Mom, you could put it on Pinterest.”

I took it to work and my coworker Amy came in at the end of the day, looking for a piece, and only found the serving tray. 

“Oh, wow. Looks like I missed out. You can see that someone actually tried to scrape off the last bits here with a fork … or fingernails…”

Come to My Wedding

Jaz: “Mom, are you gonna come to my wedding?”

Me: “I would love to be at your wedding. When are you getting married? Years and years from now?”

Jaz: “Nope. It’s happening right now … with this pizza. I love it so much, I’m gonna…”

Me: “Marry it?”

Jaz: *nods enthusiastically while shoving first slice in his mouth*

16 Years

Today marks our 16th wedding anniversary. I say it every year, how it doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed since that remarkable spring day, but that’s a truth that will never change, even if we do over the years.

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