Upward Mobility

That didn’t take long, did it?

Junior is now upwardly mobile. I was in our bedroom when I heard a commotion outside the door.

“Quick, Mom! Grab the camera!”

Nobody ever needs to repeat that in our house, although I did notice I was instructed to grab THE CAMERA, and not THE PHONE. That was my tip off that something really important was happening out in the hallway requiring high-res, quality documentation.

So, I opened my door and began snapping away, and that’s how I captured our baby boy’s very first summit up the stairs. I snapped a few more photos, and then fell to my knees along with everyone else as we praised and congratulated him.

I had to laugh later when I uploaded the images and saw this frame on my computer.

Junior looks a little surprised, just as I was at that moment.

I love that Martin’s behind him, capturing video, standing ready to stop any backwards tumble.

I love best of all that the Middles are right there at his side, encouraging him. For the past few days, they’ve been training him for this moment, much to my chagrin. The stairs are marble with wrought iron railings, and if you ask me, there’s just enough space underneath for a very-determined baby to wiggle through and plummet several stories down to the basement. (Admittedly, I don’t know that to be exactly true, but according to my maternal instincts, it is entirely possible for a head the size and density of a bowling ball to squeeze through wrought iron.)

Junior’s already been standing and inching along the furniture, walls, and our legs. We’ve sectioned off the “good” spots in the house, safe places free of small objects and sharp corners, blocked off from the “bad” spots with furniture, chairs, and ottomans.

But he’s been itching to explore beyond those comfort zones, and he’s got three eager older siblings to encourage him.

And of course, Mom and Dad to keep watch over ’em.

Full speed ahead.