Wall Art & Learning

We painted another room yesterday, and found these horses behind the heater. We are the third owners of this home. I’m fairly certain this wallpaper was put there by the original owners — the family that actually built the house — as the rest of it was covered by purple paint. These horses were hidden by the radiator, so unfortunately, I couldn’t leave them exposed and framed, as I’ve seen others do.

I wanted to keep them, but the paper is too thin to save, so I took photos to get printed to display once the room is done.

Old homes and their stories.


You know what I was doing today?


Well, actually, I was doing a lot of things, but homework was my main mission to accomplish.

One benefit of being an older adult student is that I’m able to manage my time better.

Actually, that’s not entirely true.

I’m obviously creeping up on a final deadline because I’m instead doing laundry, organizing my make-up table, and finally ordering prints of all the grandparents and family ancestors we’ve discovered in the past few years so that I can finally have “old-time’y” portraits hanging in the house, too.

And it’s still damn near impossible to write a complete sentence at any given moment when I actually make myself sit down and think.

I snapped this selfie during such a moment. In this photo, the boy is miffed that I won’t tell ’em where to find the Girl Scout cookies. The teen (not pictured) is miffed that I had to hijack her laptop power cord because mine busted and I was at 5%. At that particular moment in time, I had to assume the baby wasn’t snacking on dustballs off the floor in the care of his sisters because Martin was like, “I’m freakin’ done, and I am taking a nap.”

Like me, he’d been painting ALL day and ALL night. And he really was DONE.

Pretty sure this essay will be done in about three hours if I can just keep the house from imploding.

And then (maybe) I will bathe.