The rose bush outside our windows is in bloom! We weren’t sure what it was going to do, but look at those flowers! I think I’m going to put some jasmine there, too.

Patches Houdini

Patches der Hund pulled a Houdini and disappeared on us yesterday. Within hours of us frantically searching for her, calling the police/vet/regional animal shelter, and printing out fliers with her picture, we got an email from the animal shelter the next county over. She was safe with them! Martin picked her up this morning, and learned of her escapade.

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Deep Thoughts

Running errands with my boys right now, and in the span of 15 minutes, Jaz has asked the following:

“What’s a soul?”

“Do we have family heirlooms?”

“What IS a heirloom?”

“If a soul is energy, and fire is energy, and fire is my element, is my soul also my element?”


Morning Sunshine

In the blurry morning sunlight, I see a baby who is very pleased with himself for not even needing an alarm clock to wake at 6 a.m. He just spent the past hour poking our faces, singing in our ears, and flopping his body over our limbs and heads.