Dinner with Love

Due to circumstances way beyond my control, our plans for Family Day at Frühlingsfest were a bust. Martin and the kids had spent the afternoon prepping the dirndls and lederhosen, so I even suggested they go without me when I called from work.

I mean, Martin spent hours hand-sewing ribbon back on one of the girl’s dresses! After his own day at work!

By the time I got home, Martin’s car wasn’t there, so I thought they’d gone ahead. Nope. He went the store to get ingredients so he and C could prepare dinner, which we were planning to eat at Fest. They made chicken with strawberry balsamic salsa. With dessert. They wouldn’t let me in the kitchen till it was all ready.

It was delicious.

That’s a picture of our pickiest eater cleaning his plate, too! I am so lucky these thoughtful and loving people are mine.

Dandelions at sunset.