She’s Here!

As if yesterday couldn’t be even more exciting, here’s the newest member of our household! This is Amanda. Her mom and I served together in the Air Force. Recently graduated, she’s spending her gap year with us before heading to university. Officially, she’s our au pair, but I warned her that she actually just joined the circus.

We’re excited to have her here, and look forward to a great year!

Oma Takes a Tumble

Soooo, my mother-in-law (who is visiting for a few weeks) miscalculated a step and stumbled down our staircase this morning. Fortunately, Martin and I were nearby, and got to her quickly. It was obvious her ankle was in bad shape.

I volunteered to fireman-carry her out to the car, but of course, we called the medics instead. Two strapping young men arrived, bandaged her up, and wheeled her out as the neighbors watched.
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Our Happy Birthday Boy

I can not believe this little man is a year old today.  I can not. I can not. I can not. 

Happy Birthday, Junior!  Thank you for bringing diapers, safety locks, joyful nonsense, and all those delightful baby moments into our home again.

Business Stats

Doesn’t it look like he’s got an aura around him? That’s because he’s a superhero. We are both in the thick of summer school right now, but he still found time to make me an iced coffee in a beer stein, and is trying to tutor me on business statistics.

Wish him luck! (I require a lot of patience.)

Martin and I make an EXCELLENT team, BUT we are pretty sure we should never go into business together. But if we do (because we like to do the impossible), we will need to have very distinct, very well-defined roles and an org chart where we’re both on the top tier, but in completely different corners.