Dinner is Served

This is Amanda’s second attempt at dinner for the family. With Miss C’s assistance, she made barbecue chicken with glazed scallions. She made stir-fry the other day. It seems to me I’ve struck gold once again in the au pair department, having another who knows how to whip things together in the kitchen, as the food has yet to kill us.

Nature Walk

Amanda walking with the Middles.

¬†We explored the woods near our house for two hours yesterday. And by that, I mean, we lost Internet connection and assumed the next trail intersection was “just up ahead.”

We made it home in time for the soccer game!

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She’s Here!

As if yesterday couldn’t be even more exciting, here’s the newest member of our household! This is Amanda. Her mom and I served together in the Air Force. Recently graduated, she’s spending her gap year with us before heading to university. Officially, she’s our au pair, but I warned her that she actually just joined the circus.

We’re excited to have her here, and look forward to a great year!