Oma Takes a Tumble

Soooo, my mother-in-law (who is visiting for a few weeks) miscalculated a step and stumbled down our staircase this morning. Fortunately, Martin and I were nearby, and got to her quickly. It was obvious her ankle was in bad shape.

I volunteered to fireman-carry her out to the car, but of course, we called the medics instead. Two strapping young men arrived, bandaged her up, and wheeled her out as the neighbors watched.

As it turns out, she fractured her ankle in three places, and will get surgery on it later this week. Doctor says she’ll be good as new … by August.

She’s gonna be in the hospital for a few days, obviously. And then recovering with us after that. Fortunately, I’m off of work this week, because less than an hour after all this excitement, I picked up our new au pair at the airport! We are also hosting a birthday party this weekend.

Just a low-key, ordinary day for our family.