One Man Down

Ah, I leave for just a few days, and Martin gets diagnosed with the flu. It’s hitting him hard: Miss C says he looks like a zombie. Fortunately, his Mom doesn’t need surgery, but needs to stay with us until her leg is fully healed. Meanwhile, Amanda and the kids are doing good, although the baby has a fever now. Hard to be away, especially when the baby is ill!

Photo of my boys watching TV last weekend. To be clear, the baby is holding a part of a stacking toy. Ha!

I’ll be home soon!

I’m Back

Hello, America.

I’m back. Workshop attendance for a few days. Fortunately, our au pair Amanda is back at the house in Germany to make sure nothing erupts into flames while Oma gets her surgery this week, too, recovering at our house. Martin and the kids require I return to Germany, though.

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Grandma & Grandpa are leaving us tomorrow morning after spending the month with us. It’s been a whirlwind! They spent time exploring Stuttgart, the nearby villages, Nuremberg, Konstanz and the Bodensee, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. But most days were spent hanging out at the pool, cooking, playing with toys, watching TV, and going for hikes around our village.

We also are all about 5(+) pounds heavier because Grandpa kept insisting he treat us for dinner at all the local Biergartens. We will definitely miss them, but look forward to seeing them again soon!

Safety Note

We just landed in Germany and learned a car drove into a crowd outside Parliament, exactly where we were yesterday. I would be lying if I said I don’t think of these things wherever we go, and make all efforts to be as safe as possible. But we still go, because life is too short not to live this life to the fullest. Thank you to those who reached out to us. We are safe.

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