Oma Heads Home

She was meant to stay for only two weeks, but after falling down our stairs and fracturing her leg in three places requiring surgery and a week-long hospitalization, we let my mother-in-law stick around for just over two months.

It was a no-brainer.

We turned our first-floor TV room into her own bedroom suite to recover since she couldn’t go up and down our stairs anymore. So she spent her time hanging out with the kids, reading on her iPad, or hemming all our curtains. A physical therapist came by the house a few times a week to work with her, and finally, just a few days ago, her doctor removed the final pieces of hardware from her leg.

Now that she’s walking on her own again, she’s returning to Thailand, where she spends most of the year in an ex-pat community on the beach.

And though unplanned, for these last two weeks, my kids had three grandparents all under one roof.

It’s been hot and humid, and loud, and crazy. But pretty awesome, too. Good times, and good memories!

These hams are mine. Everyone’s been slow-roasting in a sweaty marinade for about a week now. We miss central air!