Date Morning

No kids and a €20 airport breakfast makes this a Date Morning before I’m off to Rome for a work trip. Everyone cycled thru the flu last time I was gone, so let’s hope everyone stays healthy and safe this time!

I flew over our village!!! My babies didn’t realize it, but I was waving at them from a few thousand feet! 

Made it to my hotel in Rome. Already began taking selfies with the decor. Next? Food.

Parma ham, carbonara, wine, and Apollo 13 in Italian, starring Gary Sinese, who (as you may remember) nearly delivered my firstborn in the back of an Italian sports car about five hours north of here. It all comes together. 

Ate all of the ham and melon. Barely made a dent in the pasta, but it was an honest effort. The tiramisu is GONE. Super hard to finish these last few paragraphs of discussion because I just wanna go to SLEEP. But I’m feeling good, and grateful for the team supporting me back in Germany, both in the office and definitely at home.