Middle America

I locked myself in my Dad’s office, and completed most of my university assignments for the semester today. I only came out to take a 90-minute run in the late afternoon thru Middle America suburbia. Lots of families were setting up their Halloween decorations. Lots of basketball hoops over garages. Church, school, or political signs in the lawns.

Road Trip

I love this lady so much! We headed west, and stayed the night with Stacey and her family. For those who follow us, you know she’s a crazy talented writer/agent, and mom to five amazing girls, to include our former au pair, Wynter. They had dessert waiting for us, and didn’t judge us when we all passed out. And then all four kids woke up SUPER early, but her husband Bryan was there to make them bacon and eggs while Martin and I slept in peace. Then she made me coffee, and rose-sandalwood face oil, and we chatted and laughed until my sides hurt. We’re now continuing our journey west. Not even 24 hrs on the ground, and my heart is feeling full.

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Travel Day

7:24 a.m. (Germany time): It is o’dark thirty, and I’m operating on about 90 minutes of sleep. But all our bags are packed, and we are at the airport on time, just waiting for the baggage drop to open. And THEN we are on our way to America for the first time (as a family) in nearly four years.

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My Last One

How many late nights have I paced the room with a baby on my shoulder? This one — my last one — is getting heavier and heavier. I’m going to miss this when I can no longer pick him up.


It was so lovely having Tante Mali visit with us this weekend! Also? This photo REALLY makes it obvious that three out of the four are definitely MINE. And then there’s Miss C.