A Morning Run and Our Day in Dayton

This morning’s through my parents’ town earned us a stop at Starbucks for some hot drinks not made in Germany. I stuck with some chai tea drink I can’t pronounce while she got the caramel apple spice. We had a two-mile run back … here’s to not puking on the way home!

We started to run back home, I swear. But then we found ourselves here at CVS with my credit card, and it’s like, I don’t even know what happened. Our shirts match the stickers. Oh, look, charcoal face masks!!! Products. So many products.

When we did make it home, the kids gave me a spa treatment after my shower.

Our sweet baby traveler continues to be so relaxed, happy, and chill wherever we take him. Miss C snapped this during our lunch today.

We spent the day in Dayton, Ohio, ending it with dinner at a Mexican restaurant with local friends. Carla and Dave attended our wedding in 2002. And I served with Carla, Susi, Caroline, and Christina in the Air Force Reserve. I also was deployed with Deb in Afghanistan, and worked with her again in Germany. It was wonderful to see them all, and their families, and to laugh and shake our heads at the memories. My military family is so dear to me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to reconnect whenever possible. Thank you all for spending your evening with us!