The Big 4-0

Lordy, lordy … look who’s 40!?! Martin completed his fourth decade around the sun today, so we went to the Italian restaurant in our village, where neighborhood friends sent over wine and accolades all night.

I got weepy several times as he filled me in on the meetings he had at the children’s schools. Miss C is literally the top student in her class, earning the highest grades in math and languages. Lola is kicking ass on her soccer team, and with the violin, and is probably the most fluent German speaker of us all.

And Jaz’s teacher adores him, and he’s doing great at karate, and Junior is so fiercely confident and hilarious. I remember when this guy was just a 20-year-old boy with floppy hair and plans to visit the United States one day.

Happy Birthday, Martin. I love this life we’ve created together. I love you.