Thanksgiving 2018

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime next-day delivery, and collapsible tables and benches. And cousins who live a few hours away, who will bring a variety of Thanksgiving decorations on short notice. And German, American, and Syrian friends who feel like family.

And carbs and wine and Cincinnati chili dip. And pie.

And for an American holiday that embraces food, friendship, and FUN. Thank goodness for that. 

Our venue double-booked, so we hosted Thanksgiving at our house AND when Martin went to pick up the turkey just now, he discovered the butcher penciled in the wrong date: there is no turkey. But we’re making it work.

This is fine. This is fine.

Our butcher scrambled to make things right for us once they realized the mistake. They REALLY felt bad for screwing up the order. This is the third Thanksgiving we’ve ordered from them, so they understood the significance of the turkey. They stayed several hours after their normal closing time to get this together.

They told us to come back in a few hours. We had NO idea what we would get, but here it is … turkey and chicken made to look like a turkey with dressing and garnish. I complain about the lack of customer service over here, but the local butcher definitely stepped up today. Everything was delicious!

Per tradition, we played Pictionary. And yeah, things got a little crazy.

My drawing for the word “peg” won the round. My friend Samantha was absolutely right there with me. She guessed it immediately.