Little Man

All the boys got haircuts yesterday. After collecting his curls for the keepsake book, I buzzed him, which was easiest given all the cowlicks he inherited from his Dad. We were surprised to discover that his hair only grew from the top and around the crown of his head. Baby hair is so weird!

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Run for It

My dad ran cross country when he was in high school and in the Air Force, but that DNA didn’t pass along to me. I was always more track-and-field, which worked well for the sports I played: softball, volleyball, and soccer. I enjoy running sprints, or leisurely jogging, but then hauling ass thru short bursts of energy. The landscape around here lends itself to that way of running: slow jogs uphill, sprints thru the orchards and fields, slow jog through the village, final sprint home.

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So Easy, Julie Does It

This is a photo of Miss C and me training for the Air Force fitness test in 2004. I thought of it when I realized this evening that my waist measurement is back within Air Force standards for the first time in YEARS. Still got some work to do if I’m going to get back to those 2004 scores, but I’m getting there! 

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Skipping the Gym

This is usually the time I go into my gym and get moving, but two out of four of my ducklings aren’t feeling well, and they both prefer leaning on Mom while waiting for the meds to help. And I admit, an early-evening nap with a cuddly toddler is a lot more enjoyable than several sets of lunges and crunches.


I went to water the Christmas tree and saw that my sweet boy put out the gifts he made for his siblings. This is the toy airplane he made for his baby brother, modelled after the airliners we flew last month. I am certain Santa will make sure it is front and center with a bow, and maybe even a cockpit and tail, on Christmas morning. I love that kid’s heart and creativity.

Caught Communicating

I call this one “Caught Communicating.”

Martin and I kicked out the kids so we could sit on the couch — he with a hot caramel apple spice, me with rum and Coke (!) — and talk about our day, and plan ahead, uninterrupted for at least 15 minutes. An old habit of ours that we resuscitated earlier this year as all the shit swirling around us started making dents in our relationship.

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