Christmas 2018

It was yet another Merry Christmas at our house this year. Last year, we were still living out of boxes and suitcases, and it was a minor miracle that we even got a tree and decorated. After a year of making this space our home, the holiday felt extra sweet.

It‘s a white Christmas…a foggy, frosty white Christmas!

I love how Junior left his mark on the tree from about the mid-section down. I can’t keep the tree looking balanced, but I … I mean … SANTA can definitely nail down the placement of zee gifts. 

Her very own sewing machine! She thinks she’s gonna be making pillowcases, purses, and ponchos, but with a mother who is 5’2″, she’s destined to become my personal tailor. ALL THE HEMS. Hahahahahahahahaha!

The complete Harry Potter collection for my bookworm. 

His first model airplane! He could barely stay still for a picture. He also got an F-22 (to represent the USAF) and the tank his Dad used to drive in the Bundeswehr. 

Junior is much more interested in his toy airplane than his new potty chair.

The aftermath. Thank you to the Grandparents, friends, and family who contributed to this joyful Christmas morning. We love you!