A Day In Salzburg

Salzburg is so beautiful, even in the rain. I wish I could capture and share on here how this market smelled of cloves, cinnamon, mulled wine, and sugared almonds.

I think I want this smokey snowman. I didn’t get it because I would have had to carry it all through the city back to the car, but I’m going to be on the lookout here in Stuttgart!


My fellow Mamas will understand … when we got home from Salzburg, I went thru my closet, and tossed the VERY last article of maternity clothing from my closet. I donated/gave away all, but one pair of stretchy pants to wear for Thanksgiving and other over-eating holidays … but they are too big to wear! Looks like yoga pants will have to work for future holidays because there are no more baby-bump clothes in this closet ANYMORE.