Run for It

My dad ran cross country when he was in high school and in the Air Force, but that DNA didn’t pass along to me. I was always more track-and-field, which worked well for the sports I played: softball, volleyball, and soccer. I enjoy running sprints, or leisurely jogging, but then hauling ass thru short bursts of energy. The landscape around here lends itself to that way of running: slow jogs uphill, sprints thru the orchards and fields, slow jog through the village, final sprint home.

I stayed out for 45 minutes this morning. It was cold enough to make my lungs shrivel and my nose and ears to go numb, but the air smelled of all the wood-burning fireplaces, and it was so peaceful.

I know it’s hard to carve time out of one’s day to move, but if you can pick between 30-60 minutes of watching TV, surfing the Net, folding laundry that is never going to go away, or going outside to walk, run, sprint, or whatever … go outside.