The Chocolate Incident

About 18,000 of you tagged or messaged me today about the chocolate factory incident resulting in a river of chocolate flooding a village street over here in Germany. I have a solid alibi, people. So do my children! You know damn well that if I were in any way responsible, I would have been front and center, bathing in that gooey stream of confection for all the world to see.

Besides, I’m on a diet. Only one chili chocolate bar a day. An entire chocolate avenue would wreck my calorie count. Also? I still know nothing about the 2017 Nutella heist, thankyouverymuch.

My photo from last night. It was snowing, the kids were in bed, Martin built me a fire, I found my reindeer socks, and my book, and my favorite puppy joined me to enjoy this peace and quiet. I nearly forgot what it’s like to NOT have homework. This is nice.

If she wasn’t such a sweetheart, I would swear this is mutiny! Amanda made her sugar cookies again. Her delicious, crunchy/chewy, cinnamony-y sugar cookies. Arghhhhhhhh…

The beginnings of a winter wonderland.