Cheering Squad

At some point, he’s going to learn that most humans do NOT have cheering squads applaud and praise their every move. But that wasn’t happening last night.

This was his reaction when we all cheered his ability to eat dinner with a fork.

That’s What I Did

Photo taken June 2000, a week before I headed to Ramstein Air Base

Question 1455: What is the best thing you have done just because you were told you can’t?

The day I arrived to my first duty station at Ramstein Air Base in June 2000, my sponsor called my new office to confirm I made it there. The first thing the senior NCO asked was, “How does she rate on a scale of 1 to 10?”

He didn’t realize he was on speaker phone.

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It’s Official

Well, the word is out now, so it’s time for me to announce it: you are looking at my command’s newest Strategic Engagements Coordinator. After eight months working in a position created to take advantage of my expertise, I managed to convince my bosses that I really AM a hard worker who knows what she’s doing, and is a pleasure to work with…so they decided to keep me.  

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A blustery walk to my car this evening.

Construction starts next week for a two-story garage by the medical clinic. It should be done in two years, which means it will be done in 2027.

Recreating Pompeii

She received a volcano kit for Christmas, and decided this was the weekend to play with it. Mt. Vesuvius is baked and painted. Now, she’s recreating the city of Pompeii. Note the rose garden in the center, a temple, and a few aristocratic homes. Possibly a bathhouse if she doesn’t run out of building blocks.

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11:14 a.m. – The snow is melting, and the roads and sidewalks are mostly clear. I‘m here sipping my coffee this morning, and furiously debating with myself: should I go for a run? It‘s still so cold. But a run will be good. But I will probably find ALL the black ice. But … you need a run, Julie. Just go and do it. But … it‘s winter …

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No Good Shepherd

Afghanistan. August 2007.

Question 1208: What movie or book ending really left you hanging to the point of anger?

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen that Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie movie, and you still want to, then don’t read …

We were in Mehtar Lam, Afghanistan, our fifth location in less than four weeks. It was August, and everything was hot and dusty as we schlepped all our gear, weapons, and armour from place to place, documenting Airmen as they went on convoys, destroyed weapons caches, and trained the Afghan police force.

I was sleeping in a room designated for distinguished visitors, since I obviously couldn’t sleep with my two male teammates in their room. The room had a bunkbed, a wardrobe without a door, and bars over the tiny window in the corner near the ceiling. Compared to a tent, it was nice.

But it sucked.

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Not a Bust

I had a consultation with another plastic surgeon this morning. Within five minutes of walking in the door of the clinic, I knew it was going to be a NO for me, but we met with the surgeon anyway, to learn and see what he recommended. We walked away with more knowledge, so it definitely wasn’t a bust.

(Pun totally intended.)

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But First,

For the first time in almost two weeks, I woke up this morning feeling like I‘m really FINALLY done with this flu business. We kept circulating variations of the crud. It’s what I get for living with so many walking germ factories. 

Sure, there’s a lingering cough, but I have energy.

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Say My Name

Say my name. Photo from January 2015.

Question 350What nickname have you been called you hate?

I’ve been called a lot of nicknames over the course of my life. No surprise: my most favorite is Mom. Most others were given in reference to my appearance, background, or a play-off of my name. There were a few unfriendly ones given to me during those middle school years, but even then, I didn’t really give a shit about what others called me, so nothing stuck for very long. My favorites came from my time in the military: Shorty, PA, Cincinnati, Vee-Dub, W-9, Four-Eyes. 

Hate is a strong word, but there is one nickname that I still get called every now and then, and it annoys me every time.

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