Girls Day on the Slopes

It was an unexpected Girls Day out on the slopes, and we had a blast. And no injuries! So proud of my young ladies and their willingness to try new things. I don’t think we’ll be paragliding down with our skis any time soon (as others did above us), but maybe in a year or two?

Martin spent the day with Jaz in the resort, looking at the real estate. Easy to get to in winter, not far from Italy, or the Med in summer…the kids are really enjoying themselves, and we tested out their stellar health care already. Tempting.

It’s beautiful here, but every local we spoke to mentioned that there should be more snow on the mountains this time of year. We came here for the tobogganing run, but it’s closed because there’s not enough white stuff. A week ago, an 11-year-old was rescued after an avalanche swept him away about an hour north of here. Authorities said the warmer temps played a part in that. Really eye-opening to see such an impact! 

Getting sized for my snowboard now for our lessons tomorrow. I’ll be taking Motrin with my morning tea in preparation.