Recreating Pompeii

She received a volcano kit for Christmas, and decided this was the weekend to play with it. Mt. Vesuvius is baked and painted. Now, she’s recreating the city of Pompeii. Note the rose garden in the center, a temple, and a few aristocratic homes. Possibly a bathhouse if she doesn’t run out of building blocks.

I love hearing her memories from our trip there a few years ago. Eruption could happen at any time, although I hear rumblings that it may happen later tonight. 

For her, this is a science-minded craft project It’s a science kit, but she took an ”outside the box“ suggestion to build up a whole scenario and use her memories and the books we bought about Pompeii to guide her. Science, art, and history!

Looking from the Bay of Naples, I witnessed the wrath of the gods as Mt. Vesuvius took out the rose garden, temples, and bathhouse below in a red, sudsy spew of molten citric acid, liquid soap, and sodium bi-carbonate.