Snowboard or Bust

It’s going to be awhile before my coccyx forgives me for today.  I tried snowboarding for the first and only time in my life.

We all made it up the mountain this morning. Martin grabbed a pedestrian pass, intent on watching (and documenting) our ski and snowboard lessons. We were motivated. It was gonna be a good day, ya’ll!!!

We are a little early for our lesson, so Miss C and I grabbed some hot chocolate. Very tasty and went well with the Motrin I took because I am 37 years old and snowboarding for the first time ever. The phrase “cruisin’ for a bruisin’” took on a whole new meaning today, and I knew it.

When it came time for our lesson, we made our way to the meeting point where our instructor T showed up on his snowboard, skidding to a stop in front of us, tanned with stubble, a cigarette, and in broken English with that French accent, said, “Miss C? Shoooo-lie? You ready to snowboard with me?”

And we both instantly giggled.

Honest to goodness … yes, there was a beverage container, too, strapped to his backside, and a few sips throughout the lesson, which was terrible for me, but Miss C picked it right up.

It obviously helped that she’s been playing around on skateboards and longboards for a few years. I, on the other hand, was a hot mess, and could not find my balance, and by the middle of it, I waved T over to Miss C, telling him to use the rest of the time to focus on helping Miss C.

Later, Miss C reported that while they watched me slide down the hill … 

T: ” Shooooo-lie is your sister, yes?”
Miss C: “No. She’s my mom.”
T: “Your MOTHER?!” 
Miss C: …

Lola was too young for the snowboard lessons, but she and Jaz got their own ski lessons. They looked like little ducklings following the instructor. It was fun watching their confidence grow each time down the hill.

Ugh. My backside is beat. Why do Martin and I do these things for our kids? Because these years go fast, these memories matter, and when the time comes, our hope is they will feel confident enough to land wherever life takes them, near or far from us, because there is ALWAYS good people, good food (!) and good experiences out there if you seek them. Super cheesey, but it’s true.


Later that evening, we escaped the children! We fled to the restaurant next to the chalet for pizza, beer, dessert, and coffee.

I want these spotted cow onesie pajamas. My birthday is in four months. Martin, make a note!

Next? 90-minute massages for our bruised and battered bodies. We planned and saved a long time for this experience for our family, and I’m glad we put aside this time for us, too.

The spa was in the basement of a bar playing Guns N‘ Roses as we arrived. It’s wall of international beer is impressive. Not at all what I expected of all spa, but awesome. After making our way downstairs, it was a different world! We rotated between a jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room before getting scrubbed and massaged. The whole thing did wonders for Martin’s shoulder, as well as for my back and shins. For the first time in days, he says he feels no pain.

We ended the evening back up in the bar, listening to Metallica and watching the others play pool, recognizing a few faces from the shops and slopes. A great way to end a fantastic day.

Shout out to Big Sister Miss C for agreeing to babysit!!!

Came home and found these two snuggled in as he refused to fall asleep. She was letting him make ”honk-honk“ noises on her nose.