The Road Trip Home

Au revoir, Savoie! We all agree this week will go down as one of the best family vacations, even with Martin’s shoulder injury and the closed tobogganing run. Both situations forced us out of our comfort zones, but we discovered things we really enjoy!

The people here are so patient and warm, and we will be talking about the food and scenery for awhile. If you can get here, we highly recommend a visit to this part of France! We will certainly be back.

During our car ride back to Germany, Miss C was annoying her siblings, and when she wouldn’t let up, I threatened to leap over the seats and come at her ”like a wild banshee.“

This piqued Jaz‘s curiosity. What is a wild banshee?

So I read them the description from online: an Irish female spirit with long silvery hair who wears gray and heralds the death of family members by screeching or screaming. They noted my own appearance today, and have been quiet and well-behaved ever since.


I expected this in France, but Switzerland, too? We made a pitstop at a highway cafeteria, where one can purchase fresh bread, fruit, and books for the kids, and in the same space, whips, collars, and other kinds of toys for the parents.

We made it home! And Junior is so happy to be reunited with his girl Amanda, who returned after spending Christmas with her family in the States. 

Brand new book … now bent, stained, cracked, some pages got wet, now dried. After only a few days, finished cover to cover.  She was mad at herself for not packing along the second one, but now that we‘re home, she‘s already dived in…