Fasnet Parade

It’s that time of year again!!! The Tübingen Fasnet Parade is a chance to chase out the winter witches and goblins. What a fun afternoon! This tradition and the city dates back centuries, and the energy is always so good. Although one of the kids was pretty over it after about 15 minutes (I’ll let you guess), the rest all seemed to have a great time!

I was hiding in the crowd, kneeling low across the way from the kids and Amanda so I could capture their expressions as the parade moved past us. I was out of sight as the creatures and trolls painted faces, tussled hair, and grabbed the kids around me, but then this one came up, and presented me with candy.

“Ahhh, du bist so niedlich,” said the gentleman behind the mask before tapping my nose and cheek, and moving away.

And of course, Amanda captured the exchange. Ha! Mom‘s still got it. 

He didn’t like all the trollin’ going on … including from his mother.