Making Their Space

Miss C’s room in Northern Virginia in 2011

Question #1121: What’s one chore or task you love doing?

Of all the chores or tasks I do, I love making up my children’s bedrooms. Note that I didn’t say I like cleaning their rooms: that’s an important distinction. There is no pleasure in going into their spaces when it looks like the laundry hamper, their libraries, AND their school bags have exploded all over the place. If I have to get involved in cleaning their rooms, it’s rarely a pleasant experience.

But when I’m in there to MAKE UP their rooms … specifically, making up their beds … I really, really enjoy that. I know this comes from my own childhood. Very little made me feel more secure, safe, and loved than crawling into a bed that was made up with fresh sheets and warm blankets pulled tight across the mattress. I think that’s a pretty universal feeling: after all, hotels send staff into rooms every day to make sure beds are made up. There’s something calm and peaceful about it. I’m sure there is science somewhere out there that proves humans sleep better in a well-made bed.

And when you sleep better, you FEEL better, and when you feel better, the world feels better, and anything is possible.

I enjoy providing that for my own kids. Bed linen gets changed every weekend, and I’m usually the one who does it, and I don’t mind it at all. I like picking out their bedsheets and blankets — fresh and clean, decorated to their tastes — and folding and tucking everything into place, positioning their pillows and stuffed animals, and making the area clean and inviting for them. They might not be aware of the thought that goes into that, but at some level, I don’t want them to think too much about it. I prefer they take this chore I do for them for granted. I like them to just sink into that peaceful corner, and know that they are secure, safe, and deeply loved.


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