They weren’t expecting me when I showed up to work for them last May. I found myself in an office full of retired and active-duty military pilots and strategists, all men, none of them communications experts, but they were somehow responsible for implementing the commander‘s vision for a strategic communications team … and I was put there to help them.

Coming out of a toxic work environment, I had no idea what to expect, and I know they were uncertain of me at first. But somehow, it all worked out. I was given creative space, friendly support, and lots of opportunity to succeed … and during a meeting the other day, those guys gifted me my very own red Swingline stapler … shaped as a high heel … in recognition of my recent move into a new office in the basement, my behind-the-scenes assistance for an upcoming workshop, and for my official hiring into their organization.

These guys noted my frequent Office Space references and my style, and really made me feel so appreciated with such a thoughtful and hilarious gift. I am very lucky and grateful.

And will be stapling EVERYTHING now.