Another Day in the Hospital

Martin reported that they both got decent sleep last night. That was good news when I went to the hospital this morning so that Martin could go to work.

About five minutes after he left for work, the team of doctors returned (of course), and were as cautiously optimistic as you‘d expect from German professionals.

Junior is responding to the antibiotics and his inflammation is down, but he’s got some healing and clearing up to do before we can think about going home. He’s now coughing and sneezing up the junk that was literally drowning him, and it is the nastiest thing ever.

On the bright side, I picked up some quarkinis (small sugared donuts) and he was hungry enough to double-fist those for breakfast. The two student nurses who came in to change his dressings and bed linen were impressed. ”He‘s always got pastries in his hand! Does he share?“

And Junior looked right at those adorable blonde young ladies smiling at him, and said, “Nope.”


🎶 Despite all his rage, he‘s still just a tot in a cage. 🎶

He‘s throwing everything out onto the floor, and I‘m throwing everything back in to get him to throw it all out again. The exertion is forcing him to breathe deeply, to help move things along in his lungs.

But all he understands is that Mom is a jerk, and it’s both frustrating and hilarious.


Looks like I screwed up the dinner order, too. Mmmmm…cheese slices…


Rubbing my cheek before calling it a night. He doesn’t think I’m a jerk after all.

Now that he’s responding so well to the antibiotics, I feel like I can breathe a little bit more. Hopefully sleep better, too. THANK YOU for all the comments, messages, texts, and emails. I haven’t been able to respond and follow up with them all, but we see every single one. The loving support and positivity makes all the difference.