I Didn’t F— It Up

“Tell Julie she didn’t kill any of them.”

That was the message relayed to me from Katherine at Arcadia Farm in Northern Virginia. During my work trip last week, I took a personal day to run some errands and spend a few hours volunteering with my friend and sister veteran, Jenn, at this farm located on property once owned by George Washington.

Together, we prepped a bunch of vegetable seedlings to bloom later this summer. I was the lone volunteer: the others there are agriculture students, including Jenn. Katherine is their instructor, and as she explained each step of the seedling process, I got more nervous.

My job was to put the top layer of soil over the seeds … but not too much to suffocate them, but enough for them to breathe, but careful not to sweep them away or there won’t be any kale.

At one point, I blurted out I really didn’t want to F—K it all up.

Fortunately, Jenn just sent the bottom two pics and Katherine’s assurance that despite my nervousness, I did not F—K it up. They are growing!