My Girls

We‘re essentially detailing the boys‘ room today, cleaning and disinfecting every corner and surface in preparation for Junior’s return home. Really thankful to have Miss C here to help. She made me breakfast this morning, but didn’t have the heart to wake me up for it.

So her siblings finished off the eggs, bacon, and rolls. Nevertheless, when I woke at 1 pm, she made another batch of cinnamon rolls for me. So much better than cheese!!


This girl came into my room last night, and sat down on the edge of my bed as I stared at my laptop, and asked what I was doing. ”Trying to find the motivation to start my homework,“ I said.

And she goes, “We ALL struggle with that sometimes. Or all the time. Like in my case.”

She then offered to help write my essays, ”but I know your professor can tell if a kid wrote it, so not a good idea.“

And then she asked me to show her photos and video of Junior. So we sat for awhile, just laughing at our baby boy, and I could tell she felt better seeing him.

And I felt better seeing her. This girl is my heart.


Martin sent this photo just now. Little Mister looks 2,000 percent better than he did last weekend.