Question 1115Have you ever been electrocuted?

It’s probably my earliest memory, zapped and fried into my brain with precise detail. I was three years old, and decided to stick a corn-on-the-cob holder into our living room socket.

I’m not sure of the events that led up to my inserting two metal prongs into an uncovered electrical socket, but clearly, I wasn’t being supervised as closely as I should have been.

I remember the couch next to me, especially the color and texture of its fabric. I can tell you the layout of the room, the way the sun slanted into the room through the glass doors leading to our backyard.

I remember my father being on the other side of the room, and how he and my mother raced over to me when I reacted to being zapped. I remember my hand feeling numb, and the smell of burning plastic.

It’s as if the jolt of electricity triggered the camera in my mind, and freeze-framed that instant. I think it jump-started my recall.

Obviously, I survived, and never did that again.


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