Sick Boy

Our baby boy is very sick. What seemed to be a typical chest cold very rapidly became something different this morning, and he’s now at the children’s hospital hooked up to oxygen, fluids, and antibiotics.

They’ve ruled out the flu, RSV, and asthma, but it’s obviously a lung infection and we are going to be here for at least a week as they figure out how to get him feeling better. He’s miserable. Meanwhile, my stomach and heart feel clamped in a vice. I birthed such beautiful, strong boys with such big, brave hearts … and sensitive lungs. Ughhhhhh…

He’s been here for about eight hours, and he’s not doing worse, so that’s good. The boy inherited my deeply-buried veins … they had to poke him and root around more than a few times to get him hooked up.

Not even Peppa Pig could calm him, but I finally just pulled him out of the hospital crib, and into the roll-away bed with me. That was good for both of us. He calmed, and his oxygen level got up past 90 for the first time today. His color is off, and he is not comfortable. But we’re doing our best to get him better.

More tests and x-rays tomorrow.

Only one parent can stay overnight. So I’m heading home to the others now, to try and get some sleep myself. Thank you all for checking in. Your support is why I share. Makes parenthood a little less terrifying…