Those Leggings & Dreams

Finally — FINALLY— going for a run outside in leggings that will surely piss off that Notre Dame mother of boys.

I have no idea what I saw, or ate, or experienced yesterday that led to this, but my dream last night was freakin’ amazing and I am recording it here.

In the dream, my daughter Lola and I were running thru an abandoned CVS store/YMCA-type dorm building during a Zombie Apocalypse, and it was intense: no power, no artificial light, no idea where to go.

Suddenly, we get cornered in a room, and then a bunch of zombies burst in … dressed in inflatable dinosaur costumes. Someone from the outside CLEARLY made it a thing for people to dress in these before they “turned” into zombies. They could smell those of us still alive, they could make those zombie noises and movements, but were prevented from snacking on us because, well, LOOK at ‘em.

It gave Lola and me enough time to get to a part of a bunker with alphabetized supplies on an endless row of shelves. Y’all have fun dissecting that one.

It was so vivid and real! Like, I smelled the floor cleaner/wax used in the YMCA dorm part of my dream.

Update: Lola just read this and said, ”Seriously, what did you eat? You are so weird! But I’m honored you picked me to survive with you.“