The Stasi Museum

We visited the Stasi Museum in what was the headquarters campus of the MfS (the Ministry for State Security) to spy, terrorize, manipulate and control its own people in East Germany. I paid a little extra to get the photography button.

This is a display depicting the enemy: Western culture, Iron Maiden, and agents of NATO. I would not have been well liked in Eastern Germany.

That moment when you realize you have the same fashion sense as an East German spy.
West German Martin in an East German Stasi conference room.

We got to look thru some of the files neighbors created about each other. It was unreal the level of detail neighbors revealed. But we — TODAY, in Western society — do this EVERY DAY on social media. Think of every post you’ve seen about horrible neighbors, or people in the community, or the cashier providing shitty customer service, etc. Data, data, data…