Mother’s Day 2019

I slept in. The others brought me coffee and breakfast, but this one wandered in by himself and whimpered for me to lift him up onto my bed, and then promptly flopped on my chest (ow!) and fell asleep.

Apparently, he did not do so well with the babysitter last night.

She was absolutely lovely, but I think he felt abandoned since ALL of us were gone last night. I was surprised to hear that, but then it dawned on me … I literally can’t recall a single time since this child was born when he wasn’t with at least one other member of our family.

He fell asleep late, and got up super early, and according to Martin, he went around to check on everybody before he came in to rest with me.

I have to pack up and travel for another work trip today, but for now, this is where I‘m supposed to be. 


Ha!! The second Martin scooped up the baby and took him to his crib, these two appeared out of nowhere and piled in on me, too, telling me I’m not going anywhere.

Miss C mentioned how she’s the original brat in the family, and Lola and I clarified that she’s the BIGGEST brat in the family, and then we talked and laughed about the concert, dresses, our plans this week, and whether or not I‘m still required to bring home souvenirs for them since they’re not little kids anymore.

Then I kicked them out because I really need to pack.