The Broken Door

My badge wouldn’t open the door to the school. I swiped, it beeped, I pulled and pushed … no admission.

I tried again.

This attracted some attention by the men on their smoke break. They were all from different countries, but all male. One by one, they offered instruction to me on how to open a door as if I’ve never walked thru one before.

Jiggle the handle. Swipe slow. Pull gently. Put my shoulder into it.

I answered that the door was clearly malfunctioning.

“No, ma’am. You just have to be patient after you swipe.”

Ha! Patience has nothing to do with a broken door. But nevertheless, two of the men came up, and swiped their badges, and … the door still did not open.

That’s when I told them to hold still and be patient. Or maybe put a shoulder in it.

Fortunately, someone from the inside let us in.

And now I drink my coffee and watch a repair man fix the door.