Those Memories

Blowing bubbles with Miss C and the neighborhood kids in April 2006.

Question 156Would you rather lose all your old memories or never be able to make new ones?

I would rather keep my old memories, and lose the ability to retain new ones, which I think is the intent of this question, because to lose the ability to MAKE memories … that’s death, isn’t it?

And who wants THAT? Not me. Not yet, anyway.

So, assuming that’s the intent of the question, I can emphatically say that I would be happy to move forward in life retaining no memory at all of the things I’m doing, perfectly content to bask in the memories of the life I’ve already lived.

In fact, the idea of losing my memories makes me breathless, even though it’s something I will probably face down the road. Dementia runs in my family. I’ve witnessed how the mind and memory ages and deteriorates, and it’s a reason I’ve always been such a fanatic about documenting my life through writing and photography, and saving the things I do … the good and the bad, the big and little moments. I’m nothing, if not sentimental. They are all significant to me.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve done all this for the kids … and grandkids. They will benefit, I hope … but I’ve been writing and photographing all the things long before I even thought about marriage and family.

The truth is, a part of me hopes that if I do lose my ability to retain new memories, and the memories I do have start to fade away and be gone … I hope there’s someone who will share these memories I’ve documented, so I can hear them, and see them, and maybe remember.

But even if I don’t remember, I like to think a part of me will understand that whoever that person was who lived that life and wrote it all down … she lived it to the fullest.


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