Shout Together

I got a little misty-eyed when I found these photos on my phone just now.

Lola took this sequence during our little pool party.

From top left, counterclockwise, Junior didn’t realize I was shouting along with him, but then he noticed me, put his hands on my face, I moved them to my throat, he laughed, and then we continued shouting together at the top of our lungs with him keeping his hand on me.

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Pool Parties

We were running errands. That’s it.

I simply asked, ”Do you think Junior would like…“ and it resulted in an increase for his [play]house‘s curb appeal with a new pinwheel, above-ground pool, and water toys.

Just over here in my pool, livin‘ my best life.


I really enjoyed the pool party with my boys, but spending a few hours at the mineral spa with this guy really made my day.

Mom Shorts

I came home from work, and started [good-naturedly] teasing Miss C about her booty shorts, and fashion, and summer style. Lola chimed in, and before I knew it, the gauntlet was thrown, and an ultimatum was given … if Mom can fit into said booty shorts, they become Mom Shorts, and therefore lose all trendiness, and can no longer be worn by teenagers, even in a heat wave.

To everyone‘s surprise — and I do mean EVERYONE — I now own a ”new“ pair of Mom Shorts.

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No Wallflower

My dad said tonight that in the two weeks he’s been here, he’s noticed a big difference in Junior’s behavior.

More assertive. More demanding. More determined.

Junior did just celebrate his second birthday, but I also think it’s because we’ve all been making an effort to be more intentional with him, more expressive and focused with our communication efforts. I think the active engagement has clued him in that we ARE paying attention and he’s become bolder because of it. And I love it. His silence does not equate to being a wallflower.

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Mama Didn’t Raise No Dummy

I decided to break from routine and go for a bike ride this evening. I mean, I run these hills all the time … how hard could it be on a bike pulling a 25-lb toddler in a trailer?! 

I guess a silver lining is that Junior couldn’t hear the string of expletives I unfurled up that first hill right out of our neighborhood.

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Miss C and I went grocery shopping on base, and without warning, the cute young man bagging our groceries goes, “Miss C? I haven’t seen you in YEARS? How are you?”

It was my daughter’s former classmate from when she went to the American school. I pretended not to listen as they chit-chatted about his upcoming junior year and her new school, and maybe they’ll see each other around?

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