Mom Shorts

I came home from work, and started [good-naturedly] teasing Miss C about her booty shorts, and fashion, and summer style. Lola chimed in, and before I knew it, the gauntlet was thrown, and an ultimatum was given … if Mom can fit into said booty shorts, they become Mom Shorts, and therefore lose all trendiness, and can no longer be worn by teenagers, even in a heat wave.

To everyone‘s surprise — and I do mean EVERYONE — I now own a ”new“ pair of Mom Shorts.

Nobody, but especially me, thought they would go past my knees.

And Lola was like, “Oh my god, I think they fit her!”

… and then Miss C was like, “Don’t stretch them out!”

And I had my eyes clamped shut right until I buttoned them together and zipped ’em up. The girls were speechless. I was speechless.

And I was like, “Welllllll … this is awkward, but FABULOUS!!!!” Hahahahahahahaha!

I will never wear these booty shorts. They’re too short for me. But the theory is that since I merely *FIT* in them, they are no longer cool for her to wear anymore.

But honestly, she wears them better. She can enjoy her summer (and that youthful metabolism) in her booty shorts.