No Wallflower

My dad said tonight that in the two weeks he’s been here, he’s noticed a big difference in Junior’s behavior.

More assertive. More demanding. More determined.

Junior did just celebrate his second birthday, but I also think it’s because we’ve all been making an effort to be more intentional with him, more expressive and focused with our communication efforts. I think the active engagement has clued him in that we ARE paying attention and he’s become bolder because of it. And I love it. His silence does not equate to being a wallflower.

Tonight, when he and Martin made his “night night” rounds to everyone, Junior flopped himself out of Martin’s arms and folded himself up underneath me as I read a book. And then he looked up at me, waiting, like, “You shall now chew on my cheeks and blow kissy-farts on my forehead.”

So I did.


Interesting visit to the post office this afternoon. Waiting for me were two books about raising a deaf child, and a handwritten welcome letter from the Graduate Dean at UA Little Rock for my PhD program. I literally forgot about the latter while focused on the former the past two weeks.

Both packages hit me in the heart, and I escaped to the coffee shop to catch my breath. I simultaneously feel ready and super-charged for what’s ahead for me on both fronts, but also overwhelmed and a bit terrified. As I sort thru all of this … to the many, many friends who connected me with people and resources … I will start reaching out soon as I sort out what I need to know and define the questions I have for them. I appreciate you, and your own networks, for the immediate support. It’s like you all crossed arms to catch me without even thinking about it, and that means a lot.