Leaving My Mark

Exactly 13 years ago, I left my mark inside the Air Force Memorial in Washington DC. I was stationed at the Pentagon as a writer for the Secretary of the Air Force, responsible for covering, among other things, the construction of the memorial next to Arlington Cemetery.

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Our Graduate

Yesterday was such a day of extremes. Miss C officially graduated from her German school with honors at the top of her class today. She received her packet of evaluations and certificates in a ceremony this evening, and as president of the parent-teacher group, Martin was there to read out what Miss C’s principal and teachers wrote about her.

These documents are what future German teachers and employers will consider, so the evaluations are important. And you know Germans can be pretty direct. 

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Big Day

Big day tomorrow. They are going to sedate Junior, completely knock him out so they can put all kinds of tubes down his ears, wires all around his head, and run a bunch of tests to determine all they can about his ears, and all the related parts of his brain. The entire appointment will last about three hours … possibly five.

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This Boy

Jaz graciously suggested I eat the last two scoops of cookies-and-cream ice cream today. Later, as we chatted over our snacks, he mentioned he wants to be a dad when he grows up, and probably have 10 children.

“What if your wife only wants two kids?” I asked.

He goes, ”That works. Just as long as I have kids that I can protect and take care of, and you can be their grandma because you will be a pretty great grandma. You already have the gray hair.”  

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Flash Cards

Out of 500 flashcards, I‘ve narrowed it down to about 100 signs that I think make up a typical toddler‘s vocabulary, plus a few bonus words to help me stitch sentences and sentiments together. Colors. Animals. Emotions. Directions. Food. Interjections. The w-words.

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Feeling Patriotic

I wore red, white, and blue, and literally ripped a tooth out of a child’s skull today. I used a wad of toilet paper and brute force. Wearing the colors, cursing like a cowgirl, and commissioning a bald eagle to replace the Tooth Fairy tonight. I feel so American.

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Hills and Hair

I tried biking with Junior again, taking another route. The problem with living in a valley, though, is that it is ALL uphill if you want to get anywhere.

As I pushed us up a steep incline, a bunch of Germans zipped past me on their bikes, with a few of them actually smoking, and I initially spiraled into a cloud of confused self-pity. How am I STILL so out of shape?!

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Paint the Porch

I always think of my Aunt Eileen whenever my kids “paint the porch” for me. She raised seven children, and countless nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids, and grandchildren. She knew all the tricks, and this one is a favorite. A bucket of water and a paintbrush. No mess. A clean porch. Playful, easy distraction.

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