Big Day

Big day tomorrow. They are going to sedate Junior, completely knock him out so they can put all kinds of tubes down his ears, wires all around his head, and run a bunch of tests to determine all they can about his ears, and all the related parts of his brain. The entire appointment will last about three hours … possibly five.

The results will paint a picture of his ears, the hearing loss, the likelihood of hearing with surgery, or assistance, or both, or an implant. If they find that surgery will help in some way, they will perform it right then and there.

We will also know more to nail down our options for language, speech therapy, education, and our possible future as a truly multicultural family: German-American-Deaf? Tomorrow is going to suck. Nobody likes to see their child vulnerable. But knowledge is power, and we are going to learn so much tomorrow! And it will all lead to us empowering Junior.

A very big, tough day tomorrow, but hopeful, too.