Our Graduate

Yesterday was such a day of extremes. Miss C officially graduated from her German school with honors at the top of her class today. She received her packet of evaluations and certificates in a ceremony this evening, and as president of the parent-teacher group, Martin was there to read out what Miss C’s principal and teachers wrote about her.

These documents are what future German teachers and employers will consider, so the evaluations are important. And you know Germans can be pretty direct. 

Miss C was described as an “out-of-the-box thinker” and a confident leader who inspired her classmates to function as a team. She was tenacious about improving her German, and committed to fully understanding the lessons and providing critical thought to her schoolwork.

Most of her peers will now attend schools specific to their chosen career fields, to become masters within their trade. Miss C will continue onward towards earning the Abitur, which is about the equivalent America’s high school diploma after 12 years of schooling. Over in Germany, students need about 14 years of schooling to get the “Abi” in order to attend university.

Just two years ago, that American middle school German teacher was failing her and a bunch of other kids, and the school administration did nothing about it. We yanked the girls out of there so fast, and even though we knew it was going to be hard, I told her back then that the best middle finger she could ever flip at the haters is to just GO and SHINE. And look at what she did!!! In German!!!!

Yeah, that’s my girl. We are so proud of her.