This Boy

Jaz graciously suggested I eat the last two scoops of cookies-and-cream ice cream today. Later, as we chatted over our snacks, he mentioned he wants to be a dad when he grows up, and probably have 10 children.

“What if your wife only wants two kids?” I asked.

He goes, ”That works. Just as long as I have kids that I can protect and take care of, and you can be their grandma because you will be a pretty great grandma. You already have the gray hair.”  

For the past few weeks, this boy has quietly snuck in random hugs for me “just because.”

His questions about Junior’s hearing loss are thoughtful and deep, and his observations are honest.

Yes, sign language IS weird at first.

No, I don’t think Junior feels lonely because he can’t hear.

Yes, it will be cool to see if he develops a super power because of this.

I catch Jaz trying to finger-spell, and he and Lola practice a new sign every day. He decided that his name sign will be the letter J created while the hand is formed as the I-L-Y sign.

“Because when you swoop the pinky for the J, Mom, it looks like you are casting a web like Spider Man, too.”