Baby Einstein, Maybe

While I was away, Junior and Martin swung by our pediatrician for a check-up. The doctor confirmed that Junior is a healthy, energetic, and active little boy. His hearing is much better, and his responsiveness to sounds and speech is improved, thanks to the procedure last month that removed the blockages in his ears.

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My Birthday Boy

Oh, my heart. Exactly eight years ago today, this little guy surprised us with a shake, rattle, and roll. Three weeks before his scheduled arrival, on a steamy hot summer day just before the DC earthquake, and a few days before Hurricane Irene blew over the house … my baby boy arrived.

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Sweet 16

We celebrated Miss C‘s birthday with a Girls Night Out to the spa. Miss C, my niece J, Hannah, Lola, and me.

We ate good food, floated for hours, and I napped in my favorite heated seat. Just a delightful, relaxing evening with such a great group of young ladies.

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Proud Sister

Courtesy Photo

Pardon my language, but I am so f—kin‘ proud of my sister, Jill. As president of the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network, she was sworn in as the newest member of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. She’s now one of only a few women on the council, which (among other things) sets the law enforcement standards, training, hiring and firing, etc., for the entire state of Kentucky.

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Swimming With Sharks

Question 2017: Would you swim with sharks?

Yes, and actually, I did so. In fact, the entire family swam with sharks. It was in August 2014 during our vacation to Florida, and we survived, mostly because it was a reasonably controlled environment, and they were bonnethead and leopard sharks which aren’t known to randomly attack humans.

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No More Crib

And that’s it.

I no longer have a crib in my house. It’s been converted into a toddler bed. And don’t think for a second that I‘m the only sentimental sap around here. To honor this important milestone last night, Lola put on the bedsheets Jaz used to sleep on, picked out one of Miss C’s old baby blankets as the cover, and tucked in one of her Care Bears next to Junior’s favorite pajamas, which she laid out so nicely for him.

“Something from all the toddlers who slept here,“ she explained.

And then she crawled up next to him and read his bedtime book right there with him, because, you know, rocking chairs are for babies, and he ain‘t a baby any more.