International Dog

I am all about jumping on board a random “hashtag” holiday like International Dog Day to give a shoutout to Patches der Hund, who is truly an international dog.

After spending her first few years in the Washington DC area and hopping around Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Delaware, she’s also left her mark all over Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Patches and Miss C in Messina, Italy

These days, though, our sweet girl is taking it easy. Her hips give out and she has an enlarged heart, which is common for her breed at this age. We are all about keeping her comfortable and showing her love now. She mostly sleeps, eats, and watches the kids with a contented weariness from her pillow.

Nevertheless, she still gets up and greets me at the door, whipping her tail in a frenzy whenever I get home. She’s the best dog ever, and we’re glad she’s still here.