My Birthday Boy

Oh, my heart. Exactly eight years ago today, this little guy surprised us with a shake, rattle, and roll. Three weeks before his scheduled arrival, on a steamy hot summer day just before the DC earthquake, and a few days before Hurricane Irene blew over the house … my baby boy arrived.

My third child. My first son. Probably the most patient and laid-back out of all of us. So wicked smart, and wicked stubborn when his mind is set, too. (Ha!) Funny and creative. Imaginative and kind. A protector of those around him. And a wonderful little musician. Just a really great kid who makes me so proud every day.

I love you, Jaz. Happy Birthday! 


I love so many things about this photo. The birthday decorations and party hats. The Nutella crepes for breakfast. All the coffee mugs, and our leafy green tree outside the window. Junior knocking back that bottle, blissed out on milk. Jaz pulling out his birthday gifts while everyone watches. They later spent the day at the pool, FaceTiming me with updates about all the fun.

I’m getting home as fast as I can, you guys! Can’t wait to see your faces.