Swimming With Sharks

Question 2017: Would you swim with sharks?

Yes, and actually, I did so. In fact, the entire family swam with sharks. It was in August 2014 during our vacation to Florida, and we survived, mostly because it was a reasonably controlled environment, and they were bonnethead and leopard sharks which aren’t known to randomly attack humans.

We did this at Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon, a giant waterpark with lots of pools, slides, and water activities for people of all ages. This included a Shark Reef, which has since closed. We were able to swim from one edge to the other, overlooking the sharks, coral, and various fish as they swam below us.

Martin and the girls were absolutely thrilled. Jaz, on the other hand, was not impressed, and clung me to like a jellyfish, which made swimming difficult, but we made it.

As for swimming with the apex sharks, like the Great White or Tiger Sharks? I would take a dip in one of those cages, where all the necessary safety devices are in place, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be floating along on a surf board, for example, and see one of those creatures pop up next to me.



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