A Night at the Ball

When you get a last-minute invite requiring a formal ball gown, you pour yourself into the only dress available sold at the thrift store, and decide not to eat, drink, or breathe the rest of the night. Shoutout to my crew for zipping me up in this nonsense last night.

Shoutout to my personal chauffeur who agreed to pull over at a rest stop so I could reattach an eyelash. It takes a village to look this lovely.

It never fails … I am able to achieve perfection with the first one, but then the second one is inevitably a gooey, smudged, clumpy mess requiring extra attention, always threatening to detach and fly away.


It’s been awhile since I’ve attended anything exclusively Air Force, so being at the Air Force Ball was such a trip! A return to my roots, my people. All the traditions and pride. Here, the youngest Airman cut the cake with the ol…the wisest Airman in the room. We also sang the Air Force song. I‘ve now been out of the Air Force longer than I was active duty, but I still know every word.

What do ladies do in the bathroom? Gossip and touch up their makeup.

Stephanie and I served together in the Air Force. She was a public affairs officer while I was enlisted, and then we worked together for a time in the same PA office after I became a civilian. And you wouldn’t guess it, but she’s retired now, and working as a contractor on my team. And she’s absolutely looked out for me as I’ve juggled a crazy amount of responsibilities the past six months. She makes sure I’m prepped for meetings, helps me keep track of all the things, and flies top cover … probably more times than I am aware. A wingman in the truest sense of the word. Thank you for inviting me to the ball, Stephanie, and for making sure I didn’t spill out of my dress … and in life, in general. You are awesome! 

Proof that karma is REAL!!! Stephanie won the raffle!!! A free round trip ticket to the United States!!!