Answers and Direction

We saw a neurologist and speech pathologist today. After a review of all his records, my milestone timeline built off all our videos, and careful evaluations of our boy, the experts believe it was the unfortunate timing of his illness and temporary deafness, and our unique family circumstances, and perhaps some rapid development in other parts of his brain, that caused his language and speech delays.

He went without the ability to hear for about five months at a time when language development is critical. Once hearing was restored, he had to relearn how to process sounds and noise, and of course, language … or in our case, languages.

They pointed out that Junior has his own language…the adorable, lyrical babble he uses in place of words. His behavior and responses indicate he understands us, he knows to engage and respond, but it is literally in his own terms. They are confident he will learn proper speech with therapy, as he showed us all today his crazy ability to study various puzzles beyond his age level, and figure them out. A chest-gripping Forest Gump moment as he worked those puzzles without once looking to us for guidance or help.

“Is he smart … or is he …?”

The worry just melted. It was so reassuring to see his confidence and security with himself. That’s going to help him so much.

Our son is a masterpiece, and instead of panic, I am so grateful and delighted to have a front-row seat to watch this little human stitch together language and speech.

It’s going to be amazing.